Impetigo is a highly contagious skin infection common in young children. Although adults can get it too! It’s not serious, but it spreads easily and needs immediate treatment. With medication, impetigo usually clears up within 10 days.

If you’re concerned that you or your child may have impetigo, speak to one of our friendly pharmacists for free over secure video call.

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What are the symptoms of impetigo?

  • Red sores or blisters on exposed areas of skin like the face (around the mouth and nose) and hands
  • Burst sores that leave patches of yellow / brown crusty skin that look like cornflakes
  • Sores that get bigger or spread to other parts of the body like the arms and legs/li>
  • Itchy and painful sores

How do I treat impetigo?

Treatment at home

  • Keep the blisters and sores clean and dry
  • Isolate! Stay home from school or work
  • Keep your hands clean (impetigo is very contagious)
  • Wash sheets, towels and other bedding at at a high temperature
  • Keep children’s toys clean
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How our pharmacists can help

  • Our pharmacists can check that it’s definitely impetigo and nothing more serious
  • Advise and possibly prescribe any specific medication like hydrogen peroxide cream or antibiotic cream / tablets if the infection is particularly bad

If you’re worried that you or your child might have impetigo, book a free secure video consultation with one of our friendly pharmacists. We can work around your schedule. And we’ll issue and deliver any prescriptions straight to your door within 24 hours (nationwide), or same day (London).

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