February 13, 2024
Content Team

Introducing Veoza, the new menopause drug

What is Veoza?

An alternative to HRT, Veoza (also known as fezolinetant) is a prescription-only, non-hormonal drug, that reduces menopausal hot flushes and night sweats. Menopause is a natural change in older women, but the side effects can be debilitating for many. Hot flushes (known as vasomotor symptoms), affect about 80% of women going through the menopause, and can negatively impact quality of life, sleep, and productivity.

How does Veoza work?

Veoza is taken daily, in pill form. It’s different to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as it isn’t hormonal. Instead, it directly targets hot flushes by blocking the protein in the brain called neurokinin B, involved in regulating temperature. Veoza finds and binds to the right receptors in the brain, stopping the hypothalamus from over regulating your body temperature, thus reducing the severity of hot flushes. 

In clinical trials, participants found that it took 1-2 days for the hot flushes to reduce, and  12 weeks to reduce both the frequency and severity.

Who can take Veoza?

Veoza has already been approved privately in the UK for women experiencing hot flushes associated with the menopause who are under the age of 65. Its safety and efficacy in women over 65 hasn’t been studied or approved yet.

When will Veoza be available privately and on the NHS?

For private patients, Veoza is available now. NHS patients may have to wait until later this year.

What are the side effects of Veoza? 

Side effects reported so far in the clinical trials include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhoea
  • Insomnia 
  • Back pain

It’s also recommended that clinicians test for liver abnormalities before patients begin the drug, as it may also affect liver function in the long term.

What to ask your GP about Veoza

Always ask your doctor about any risks specific to you, for example if any drugs you already take could negatively interact with Veoza. It’s also wise to check through any family or personal history of breast cancer.

Private prescription delivery and NHS prescription delivery

If you’re a patient and you’d like your online private prescription, or NHS e-prescription of Veoza delivered straight to your door, just get in touch. We offer same day home delivery of your medication in London and within 24 hours nationwide. 

If you’re a clinic looking for a regular supply of Veoza, just reach out to us by emailing [email protected] or visit our help and support centre.

If you have any questions at all, we’d love to hear from you. Just give us a call on 0333 3555990. We offer support 7 days a week, and you’ll always speak to a human – never a robot.