March 6, 2021

New advanced electronic prescription service

signatureRx logo

At Signature Pharmacy, we are always looking for ways to make patients’ healthcare journeys easier, safer and more convenient, from their appointment with the clinician to receiving their medication at their front door with our next-day delivery service. That is why we are immensely proud to announce the launch of signatureRx, a brand-new, UK-based private electronic prescription service.

SignatureRx is a revolutionary platform for private prescribers that completely does away with the need for wasteful, time-consuming paper scripts, simplifying prescribing and dispensing into a sleek, 100% secure, online process. Best of all, signatureRx’s e-prescriptions are designed to work in perfect harmony with Signature Pharmacy’s already existing prescription delivery service, making the journey from consultation to medication delivery more seamless and safer than ever.

SignatureRx provides a platform on which prescribers and clinicians can write a prescription before signing it with their advanced electronic signature. This signature is linked to an individual prescriber and is accessible only to that individual through a heavily encrypted, dual-authentication process, ensuring that we at Signature Pharmacy know the e-prescriptions we are receiving are genuine and fraud-proof.

With this advanced electronic signature, there is no longer a need for private UK clinicians to email or fax the prescription to us before sending the original, ink-signed prescription in the post. With signatureRx’s e-prescriptions, a unique token will be issued every time a clinician writes a script, whether that is from an in-person or telemedicine consultation. The token can be transmitted directly to Signature Pharmacy with a click of a button for us to dispense and dispatch the medication for delivery.

With no need to send prescriptions in the post, prescribers can save time, and there is no worry of paper scripts getting lost. When the medication has been dispensed the signatureRx system automatically updates, meaning there is never any danger of duplicate scripts being dispensed. The signatureRx system is based on exactly the same regulation that governs the NHS EPS, so you can be sure that it is fully secure and trustworthy.

So, what are you waiting for? Using Signature Pharmacy’s brilliant prescription delivery service has just become even easier and even more secure with the addition of signatureRx’s innovative e-prescribing platform. If you would like to find out more and sign up to use signatureRx, just follow the link to the website below.