Signature Pharmacy has been working with Vala Health since August 2020. Through our partnership we support Vala Health and their patients with prescription fulfillment.

We understand the struggles clinicians and telemedicine providers face when it comes to finding a pharmacy that accepts faxed/emergency supply prescriptions. Working with Vala Health has helped them focus more time on supporting patients without having to worry about finding a pharmacy that will accept the prescription.

We asked Vala Health a few questions about working with us, here’s what they said:

What has improved since working with Signature Pharmacy? This could be your experience, the time to get your clients their prescriptions, the process or anything else

  • Both our clinicians, and our members have both benefited from an easy, readily available, and highly scalable business partnership with Signature. The simplicity of the process and depth of medication available have meant that even our most chronic and complex case-work has been looked after in a very efficient manner.

What is the best thing about working with Signature Pharmacy?

  • From our perspective two things make this partnership work; Firstly Signature can match, or better the depth of medications usually available from most high-street pharmacy groups. We don’t need to worry that a certain product won’t be available when our team prescribe it. Secondly, Signature are very easy to work with, very collaborative, and also interested in pushing boundaries and finding new and innovative ways of working together.

How would you describe our service to others?

  • Simple, quick, approachable and efficient.

Through building direct relationships with their doctors, we advise of any stock shortages, price increase and manufacturing issues.

We’re pleased to have helped loads of Vala patients but here these are some of the cases we’re incredibly proud of because they fit with our mission of removing barriers to receiving pharmacy services:

  • A patient with COVID anxiety did not want to leave the house and visit a pharmacy in person
  • Local pharmacies and GP surgeries were closed or inaccessible
  • Patients who preferred a more confidential service and didn’t want to visit their local pharmacy

Signature Pharmacy is a modern day pharmacy for everyone.